Posted by: Suresh Sundarababu | June 25, 2013

Evolving job needs

Evolving job needs

Let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with just having a job. Everyone wants to provide for and take care of their family, enjoy their hobbies and in general feel like a productive member of the society. And there is nothing wrong with that.

And I am no different. But over the last few years, it has become clear to me that a job that does not do anything more than provide a paycheck every two weeks is just not satisfying. And in the long run it will be detrimental to all the things mentioned above.

A fulfilling job is one that connects my need for providing for my family AND my need to make a difference to the world around me (as mentioned in the last post not the world at large but the immediate world I touch) while leading a successful disruptive business. Yes, I want it all and I am on a quest to find it! 🙂

A recent article (link above) by Austin’s own Dan Graham the CEO of Build-a-sign, an innovative start up shaking up an old industry, talks about integrated life culture in the business world. Great read! And a visit to their website to learn more about who they are shows that it is not just talk. They walk the walk by giving back to the community and having fun while creating a meaningful and growing business. (Disclaimer: I do not work for Build-a-sign (at least not yet)!!)

Smart companies, especially those who are disrupting the establishment have figured this out more than anyone else. To attract talent in a competitive environment and especially the socially connected next generation, it is no longer just enough to throw money, stock options and other common perks. And these companies also do not want employees who only have $$ $igns in their mind!

And it is encouraging to see the most disruptive and innovative companies embrace this culture to be more than just a marketing message but strive to live it and differentiate. And the trend seems to be growing and those who want more than just a job can find one without having to settle and indeed can have it all!

And I am ALL IN on that quest!



  1. Good post! We invests much time in a company, and sometimes away from our families, that there has to be a purpose-driven connection to where we work. The by-product of companies that recognize the investment is having and retaining innovative and passionate employees.

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