Posted by: Suresh Sundarababu | July 3, 2013

List of top 10 Disruptors

List of top 10 Disruptors

This link is Clayton Christensen’s (if you remember from my post a few weeks back he is a Harvard professor who is considered the guru when it comes to defining disruption) top 10 disruptor list. It was published about 6 years back and very intriguing to look back at the list to see if they are still relevant

For example, in my opinion, Netflix truly belongs in the list. Even after the storm that they weathered in recent years they still fundamentally changed the way movies are rented. And in true disruption sense they made it simpler, cheaper and have continued to innovate with movies being streamed now taking advantage of the advances in technology.

On the other hand Blackberry probably does not belong in the list now. It surely did belong a few years back when they were the standard in corporate email for mobile devices. And somewhere along the line they just got comfortable (that bane of a word that is the root cause of all mediocrity!) with what they had. And that has spelt trouble with the likes of Samsung and Apple dominating the market today.

Time and again there are examples market leaders getting comfortable and resting in their past laurels only to be blown away by new upstarts. From the PC industry to the car manufacturers to banking you can find countless examples of market leaders struggling because they stopped doing what got them there – innovating!

Would love to hear your thoughts on who else should be on the list or who should not be and reasons behind it.


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