Posted by: Suresh Sundarababu | August 12, 2013

Dont just leave a legacy live one!

Dont just leave a legacy live one!

My parents are two humble educators (now retired) in India and my brother and I grew up in a middle class family not having all things we wanted, but never lacking in anything we needed.

Fast forward to now, both of us are well educated, taking advantage of the opportunities this connected world offers us in two different countries outside India and being blessed to provide an even better lifestyle for our families.

And along the way the important lessons we learned were not from the educational institutions, but from the way my parents lived their lives. They weren’t loud or demonstrative of what they thought were important. We never had endless hours of lectures of how we need to be and what was good or bad. They led by example. They lived it. They are living a legacy, including being very active after retirement making the world they touch a better place, that has become my guiding light.

As Marc Freedman points out in his blog (link above), we who are blessed with advancement in longevity and health have an opportunity to do work in our lifetime and actually reap the benefits of seeing the change we can influence.

And reflecting on how my parents are a prime example of living a legacy as he explains in his blog, they have given me the following guiding principles to live by:

  • Generosity has nothing to do with having money – if you are not of a generous heart when you have just a dollar, you won’t be generous when you have a million.
  • Being charitable and effecting a social change are two different things – As highlighted in my blog from a month back
  • Do not do good deeds expecting reciprocal deeds. Do them because it brings you joy and satisfaction
  • Unconditional love and support for those friends and family in your circle, Choose wisely as to who you have in your circle (of course one does not get to choose who their family is in most cases!) and surround yourself with those who will hold to a high standard
  • Be the person you want the world to be

I will be the first to admit that I fail more than I succeed. But nevertheless being successful even half the time and see the good it can do, gives me a relentless motivation to live a life of legacy, to take advantage of the blessed opportunities given to me and touch the world around me.

Here is to wishing that all of us can live a legacy that our children can be proud of!!



  1. Nice morning motivation Suresh. Live it, love it, and when we fail, try again.

  2. […] one of this series – Don’t just leave a legacy, live one! ( – was from a perspective of what I learnt from my parents and trying hard to follow their […]

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