Posted by: Suresh Sundarababu | November 9, 2013

Africa – Sustainable Social Change!

Africa – Future is Bright for sustainable social change!

This is not your Grandfather’s Africa!

When the western world usually visualizes Africa, they think of strife, poverty and the safari’s that cater to the tourists. While all of that is still true to an extent, the overwhelming truth is that Africa is also producing an enormous supply of highly talented and educated next generation who are hungry to change the continent.

The article above is about three prize winning young African entrepreneurs. All of them are 18 to 20 years old and already thinking about how to make sustainable social change while at the same time advancing economically. Lifenomics at its best! (Stay tuned for more on Lifenomics in my future blogs!). I am pretty sure when I was that age neither social change or entrepreneurship was in my vocabulary let alone forefront in my mind!

Being part of the African Leadership Bridge, we have been exposed first hand to these bright young future leaders (3 so far, lot more to come!). They have big dreams with visions of changing the continent. They don’t expect handouts. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to make these dreams come true. All they need is a little support and that too only because the supply falls so much short considering the enormous demand. You can learn more about us at

If you have not paid attention to this growing movement in Africa, you should take notice. It is happening in our life time and they are taking charge. If you are a leader of a business you should definitely be paying attention because it is not only about making a change, but it also makes business sense!

Yep, this is not your Grandfather’s Africa!


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