Posted by: Suresh Sundarababu | June 5, 2014



Yep, totally made that word up! Might as well make up the definition as well!

It is the mental capacity to identify adversity as an opportunity and the emotional capacity to be excited about such an obstacle. And if you have been reading my blogs, you would’ve noticed how I clearly combined multiple cliché’s that I am passionate about to create a catchy word!

In all seriousness I am blown away by how many of us, when faced with mountains in real life, defeat ourselves to take the comfortable and easy way out. And while trying to understand this phenomenon from a scientific angle I came across this article based on Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck’s research (link above).

It is a great read and worth a few minutes of your time. There is even a cool infographic that simplifies it for you. But here are a few of my key takeaways

  • It starts with one’s mental desire to learn versus a desire to look smart – or to put it more bluntly, a set of us who don’t care if someone else things we look stupid tend to create opportunities out of life’s curve balls.
  • While surely there is a will power element to it, you are not just born with it. That will power can be influenced and continuously developed and enhanced from very early on in life by the right nurturing support system.
  • Passionate, systematic and sustained effort will lead to greatness. And effort whoops talents butt over a period of time. Every time! And this brings back memories of my blog about the rabbit and the tortoise (

I will be the first one to admit that the line between a visionary who believes in overcoming obstacles to create opportunity and a lunatic who believes that every mountain can be climbed in the dark with hands tied behind his back is very thin! But that thin line, as proven by this scientific study, is a significant differentiator.

And the best take away of all this is the fact that it is in ones control to learn and nurture this behavior. Which means each one of us can be a differentiator and overcome incredible obstacles to create awesome opportunities for ourselves and others.

And here is hoping that you find your inner “adversitunity” and unleash your potential to achieve your passions and change the world you touch!

Yep, if that happens to even one of you, it would be totally worth looking stupid to multitudes for making that word up!




  1. Dell – Internal Use – Confidential
    Enjoyed the word and the article. Well said!
    The link to Carol Dwecks’s article was worth the review. Thanks for sharing!

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