Posted by: Suresh Sundarababu | August 19, 2014

Living a Legacy! – Part Two


This post is all about self-reflection. So if you choose to skip it, me, myself and I will understand!

Part one of this series – Don’t just leave a legacy, live one! ( – was from a perspective of what I learnt from my parents and trying hard to follow their footsteps in living a legacy.

Fast forward to now, almost exactly a year later, I am a father to an absolutely curious, absorbing everything like a sponge and wonderfully intelligent 9 month old. And suddenly “Living a Legacy” has taken on an even more urgent turn for the real. The biggest legacy that I can ever leave, looks at me every day with that big beautiful soulful eyes and rapidly building a huge portion of his internal database with ways to live his legacy based on how I am living mine!

After pausing a moment to take a deep deep breath, here are five things that I hope to strive for that makes my son proud when he reflects back on the legacy he saw me live.

The best son I can be: After all I do want him to treat me with the same respect I show to my parents. That extreme gratitude that I have for their sacrifices that has enabled me with the blessings of today. Unwavering love and support as they have and continue to show every day. Be that rock for them during this part of their life as they were when I needed it the most.

The best husband that I can be: For better or worse, he is going to treat the women in his life the way he sees me treat his mother. That love not just means words, flowers and external visible actions, but also means treating her with respect, admiration for her strengths and gratitude for making me a better man. Be the rock that she can always depend and no matter what treat her like a queen that she will always be of this household.

The best friend that I can be:  Since one tends to usually have more friends than family, choosing carefully those who I associate with and their value systems are very critical to building a village he can fall back on during his time of need. Nurture this village carefully by giving and asking for help, being part of the group and to be the leader at called upon times and showing him the value of not only being popular but also being humble and grateful enough to surround yourself with a group of good men and women.

The best leader that I can be:  Leading by example never had a bigger meaning than in this context. I can use the most eloquent words there are and write about leadership, but this legacy is going to be built by what I do and not what I say. So I am not going to say much about this subject except to say I will strive to show it every minute of every day

The best citizen that I can be:  Being thankful for blessings bestowed upon me by tangibly and consistently touching and changing the world around me. Passing along what I learnt from my parents about generosity and it not having anything to do with how much money one has and continuing to pay it forward purposefully with boundless enthusiasm

I can guarantee everyone that it won’t be perfect and I will probably fail a lot. But I can also guarantee that with every failure no one will be even more determined to live this legacy than me.  If you indeed did do me the honor of reading through this self-indulging/reflecting thoughts, I hope that you will hold me accountable and support me through the end of my times.

Because it is real now! And he is watching not just me but everyone around me as well!


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